Alexei is the elder son of Piotr, the ruler of Bluegrad, but also the leader of the order of the Blue Warriors (written with the kanji 氷戦士, meaning Ice Warriors), and also the elder brother of a girl named Natassia.

He and his Blue Warriors are introduced by Kurumada in vol.13 of his manga, in the short story arc he dedicated to Hyoga, Koori no Kuni no Natassia Hen (The Chapter of Natassia, from the Lands of Ice), thus, in the original series, they are manga-only.

He wanted to lead the people of Bluegrad to a warmer location, even if these meant war, opposing to his father, who wanted peace. After capturing Hyoga as a potential ally, he kills his father to initiate his plans for taking over a warmer country.

Despite being quite capable, his plans are disturbed when Hyoga escapes and takes a fight with Alexei defeating him with the Aurora Execution at Absolute Zero that neither Camus stood a chance against. Although this, he is spared by Hyoga and stops fighting by hearing the news of Natassia being frozen in ice as she prayed. Hyoga saves Natassia and the story ends with Hyoga walking away, while Alexei holding Natassia in his arms.


Alexei and his Blue Warrior Cloth

Powers and abilities

Blue Impulse : As a Blue Warrior, Alexei has mastery over ice, and his technique consists of a burst of ice. Although it was powerful enough to stand Hyoga's "Diamond Dust" and knock him down, he had no chance against the Absolute Zero-level "Aurora Execution". His technique is shared with one of the Asgard's God Warriors, Mizar Zeta Syd, to whom he may have been served as inspiration.


  • The plot of the story of Alexei served as an inspiration to the Asgard saga in the anime adaptation of the series, in which Polaris Hilda wanted to take her people to a warmer location, even if this meant the melting of the Polar Ice Cap and war with the Sanctuary.
  • Alexei's armor/cloth is based on a reindeer.