Alcor Zeta Bud (ゼータ星アルコルのバド, Zēta-sei Arukoru no Bado) is a Shadow God Warrior of Asgard in the series Saint Seiya, by Masami Kurumada.


Alcor Zeta Bud is the twin brother of Syd, abandoned by his parents at birth and raised by a peasant couple. Syd recognized when they were children and realized the fate that he lived to be twins. From this moment the hate motive in his footsteps and his training, becoming a warrior stronger than his brother. Strictly speaking, Bud is not a God Warrior, at least not officially by the simple fact of not charging him a sapphire Odin, but its power is the one and even his armor is identical to one. Syd's shadow, twin brother of war god was abandoned by his parents when he was just a baby because of an Asgardian curse. He was adopted by a villager and being small Syd met in the forest, learning of his true story there. He trained alone and very hard to gain a Zeta armor but although one of the strongest warriors arrived late as his brother Syd and dressed. Hilda, with the ring of Nibelung, told his brother that if he died he would be Syd the legitimate owner of the armor Zeta Bud hatred towards Syd was increased by this too.

Bud remained hidden in the shadows ever since, protecting his brother. Went with him to the house of Taurus Aldebaran to be, knowing that his brother could not finish only with Aldebaran, Bud applied a treacherous blow that defeated the mighty bull, but did not kill him, because he could avoid the "deadly" attack at the last second. Along with Siegfried, Bud was the Asgard warrior that could not be defeated entirely by the Bronze Saints, but Ikki was close to it and at least caused a moral defeat. After the defeat of Syd, Bud fought with Shaina and Shun. Ikki then fought against Bud, and thanks to Ikki's Phantom Illusion made him see his true feelings for Syd. Bud takes his brother in his arms as Syd died and carries his body with him. At the end of the Saga of Asgard it is implied that Bud also died in the snow beside his brother, near his birthplace.


  • Shadow Viking Tiger Claw (暗黒(シャドウ)バイキング・タイガー・クロウ, Shadou Baikingu Taigā Kurō): As Syd, Bud pounces on his opponent to hit him with blows of the claws of his armor to produce terrible wounds to the enemy throughout the body. This is a faster and more powerful version of the Viking Tiger Claw of Syd. The claw his punches are faster, stronger and more violent than his twin brother, which cornered Andromeda Shun , and Phoenix Ikki.