Unrank Class VersionEdit

Mila chrono
The Chronotector Mira , has a similar to a Second Class design Chronotector whose chest protection has extensive ranging from the lower neck up which has two similar to a "?" Structure or a "2" , chest unifies with the waist, with four subdivisions located on the sides of the waist and front and back waist , the shoulders , arms and forearms are similar in structure to those possessed of the Chronotector Chakram , the front thighs have a rather simple design, but have a high protection foot also has a simple design has two claws ankle located in each of roughly similar though less that are located on the front side of the foot , has a structure Tiara something opens up to the ears are a " peak " of each side these can also be seen in the center of the tiara divided by an almost identical structure that has the Gauntlet Chronotector although this protrudes from the Chronotector.

First Class VersionEdit

Mira pallasite first class
This Chronotector is similar to the Bennu Surplice , being equal pads, except a lighter color and red gems in the center, the tiara is purple and has 3 gems almost at each of its ends, too, seems have a " V " in the center. The chest covering everything in its entirety, in its center where  can see an "A" , erminando in 3 subdivisions, where the center has an "M" and decorations with gems, where " M" also seems to be under two ' fangs "or" wings " bat . Protecting  legs cover everything also taking decorations similar to those mentioned above , and beside each leg , a species of " wings " purple shaped peaks was observed. On his right arm can see various decorations and the left a ' Alchemy Glove " mutated with golden decorations and red gems . It has a pair of wings, which are purple and red that looks like bat wings , where the right is much smaller than the left.

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