The alchemist clan is an ancient, unnamed and barely surviving organization in the world of Saint Seiya, affiliated to the Sanctuary. They are notable for having been instrumental in the creation of the cloths worn by the saints, having created the armors on Athena's request for the holy war between her and Poseidon, which in turn inspired many other sacred suits of armor, such as Poseidon's scales and Hades' surplices.

Overview Edit


The tools used for repairing cloths.

The clan originated from the lost continent of Mu, and dominated the technique of creating and repairing cloths. After the destruction of Mu, the clan became rare and contained to locations such as Death Queen Island and Jamir. Members of this clan tend to be saints (and especially Aries gold saints), but don't necessarily have to be, mainly serving the Sanctuary by repairing damaged cloths.[1] Over the ages, the signature technique of the clan was reduced to the ability of merely repairing cloths, which is still passed down from master to apprentice to this day.

Members Edit

Many members of the clan were shown during the series, as evidenced by the eyebrow style, but not all of them have mastered the cloth repair technique.

Saint Seiya and Next Dimension Edit

In the original series, the one with the ability of repairing cloths is Aries Mu, with his apprentice Kiki and deceased master Aries Shion also being part of the clan. No other official members were presented.

The Lost Canvas Edit

The two saints shown to posses the ability to repair cloths are Aries Shion and his master Altar Hakurei, but many other members of the clan were presented, such as: Hakurei's brother, Cancer Sage; Hakurei's other apprentices Crane Yuzuriha and Atla; and Yuzuriha's brother Hanuman Tokusa.

Omega Edit

The surviving members of the alchemist clan presented are Aries Kiki and his apprentice Raki.

Notes Edit

Alchemist eyebrows

The eyebrow style, seen in three members of the alchemist clan.

  • Members of the clan have an aesthetic preference for how they shave their eyebrows.[1]
  • It is possible that the technique that created the Black Cloths was developed by members of this clan.

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References Edit

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