Ahimsa (アヒムサ- ahimusa) was a thief that prevailed in India and is character " Lost Canvas "in The Lost Canvas Chapter Virgo .


Ahimsa was a thief that prevailed in India and plundered the possessions of the dead, at one time stealing the gold leaves covering the Buddha statues in order to support his sick mother. Ahimsa was captured and sent to an Ascetic monastery as punishment for his theft. Ahimsa, resistant to the ideology of ascetics, met Virgo Asmita, and regardless of his afflictions and injuries, he was still a child seeking enlightenment. The meeting changed the small vision Ahimsa had of the world. 15 years later, Ahimsa dies and end up in hell, strangely keeping his own will. Skeleton guards have fun torturing him, but now adult Virgo Asmita arrives and saves his old friend from these torments, although obviously incapable of bringing him back to the world of the living. Kagebōshi then called upon the Star of Oppression, reaching Ahimsa and regenerating his damaged body while offering him eternal life, in exchange of following Atavaka. The negotiations were quickly interrupted by Asmita, who gets rid of the spectrum and decides to go take a look at the famous Atavaka himself.

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