Brute Force Agrios (蛮力のアグリオス, Banriki no Aguriosu) is a Giant.


Agrios is rude and short-tempered.


It 's the first to be defeated by Seiya. In fact, the fight was just a farce. Agrios reappears after but was immediately killed as a sacrifice to Typhon.


His Adamas is dark blue and is made ​​of Lapis Lazuli, adorned with exposed nails across the surface clearly symbolizing aggressive nature of the Giants. Under ornate horned helmet hides his evil smile.


  • Cragg Press (クラッグプレス, Kuraggu Puresu) : Agrios techniques are based on melee: pounces on the opponent giving himself thrust into the ground, grabs him and throws him to the ground breaking bones.

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