Agasha (アガシャ Agasha?) is a young girl from Rodorio village, daughter of a florist. She is protected by Pisces Albafica.


She once encountered Pisces Albafica during a storm, while she was heading to the Sanctuary to deliver flowers to the Pope. The Gold Saint lended her his cape to cover her from rain, but kept a distance from the girl, which she mistook for arrogance. However, she later discovers that Albafica keeps himself away from everyone due to his toxic blood.

Some days later Albafica was passing through Rodorio and, upon seeing her working in the front of her father's floriculture, he gave her a red rose (not a Demon Rose, a harmless one) without looking back. She kept that rose attached to her dress as a remembrance of him.

After Minos invades the Sanctuary and apparently defeats Albafica, he heads towards Rodorio to destroy it. The Judge starts destroying the village's buildings, and Agasha's father is hit and killed by debris. When Minos notices Albafica's rose in Agasha's dress, he rampages for killing her. He is stopped by Aries Shion, who protects Agasha until Albafica shows up again for a second round against Minos.

Later she mourns Albafica's death along Shion.

Although she appeared both in the manga and the anime adaptation, her name was only revealed in the latter.


  • Agasha means "friendly" or "good" in Greek, and is also the name of a village in Nigeria.


  • Manga Saint Seiya Lost Canvas Chapter.19
  • OVA Saint Seiya Lost Canvas Episode 5

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